Audio services and problems associated with in-house typing

Audio services and problems associated with in-house typing

Companies have for a long time outsourced work to other parties. In many ways, companies have always outsourced some or other work to other companies so that they can focus on their own business. Outsourcing became a suicide at a time when companies began to get their work done offshore, which was made possible thanks to a number of telecoms technological advances.

Whether outsourcing or offshore, audio services are one of the services you need to outsource. It just makes simple common and business sense that your audio service needs are met by a third party. There are a few reasons that industry observers identify as reasons for many companies to avoid meeting their audio-visual needs externally.

Security of information

This is the biggest concern that any company will have when evaluating their options with regard to getting their audio data written from a third party. This is a valid question no matter how sensitive or not sensitive your information is. All information related to your company should not leave your company as there is always a risk of leakage. In the information age we live and do business in, there is a risk that no company wants to take.

Service providers that provide typing services are more than aware of this issue. As companies themselves, they are a part of the concern many companies have regarding their tasks. The entire copying type industry knows this and that is why a variety of security-related protocols and standards have been established. These standards are effectively implemented across companies.

Industry experts have also verified these standards and make periodic improvements so that any company that allows the data to pass into the service providers hands can do it without any problems.

The cost of doing it in the house

Sound writing, when done internally, is much more expensive than when you let someone else do it for you. A company would have a number of departments. You have the IT department, marketing department, staff resource and finance department. One way to look at each of these departments is as if they are a separate device on their own. Lets take the IT department. You would probably have a manager in charge of the IT department, and then you have dedicated staff personnel for that department.

Sometimes you would have some problems in the IT department that needs to be managed. Then you have managerial management, bonuses and facilities to take care of. All this ultimately adds up to the total cost of your business.

The sound department would of course be a separate department because it can not be clubed with any other department. Just like the IT department above, you will have a set of employees, a manager, staff personnel and so on. All of this is a huge expense, both in terms of money and time. Do not forget that you also have to invest in office space for this department, furniture, equipment, air conditioning and finally recording and documentation equipment.

The challenge of Ramping Up

Sound writing requirements can not be consistent throughout the fiscal year. Sometimes you would have too much write a job to be done and sometimes you would not have a need to write at all. If you do all your work within the company, sometimes you would be short-lived for audio-writing staff and sometimes you would surpass writing the staff.

When you miss people to do work, it means someone somewhere in your company gets hit by it. This will affect the efficiency of your business people doing business. On the other hand, when your audio-writing people have no work to do, they become a cost-free return on investment. Put these two together and what youre left with is a high cost, ineffective department.


If efficiency is the name of the game, outsourcing is one of the best tools, especially when it comes to sound typing. By having the sound type done elsewhere, you get rid of a whole department from your company and immediately you get a lot of business time and money. Your employees will appreciate this convenience because external service providers are bound by contracts to deliver work on time.

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