Welcome to Freedom's Ring.

This site is dedicated to Cecil Hook and his writings. Please take a look around and enjoy his articles, books and story. His most widely distributed, and first published, book is titled "Free In Christ". The thoughts in this book, and the desire to share it with others, launched his book ministry. For a more intimate look at Cecil Hook himself, you may want to read the autobiographical "Grit In My Gizzard", or the article "Riding In the Front Seat".

Cecil's  books and articles have been available free of charge for many years and those involved in this ministry are dedicated to continue making his dream of a free book  ministry possible. There are many of Cecil's books and articles on this site, available for reading and downloading. Other books on this site, which have messages Cecil wished to share with others, are by authors who were personal friends of Cecil Hook and are available here by permission. We have distributed all our printed copies of Cecil's books, and so are no longer able to offer printed copies.   

Thank you for your interest, and prayers and support. This website is still active to allow readers to access Cecil's writings in electronic form, as we continue to hear that this ministry is a blessing to many.


<updated June 2013>